“Navigating the Storms” – moments of immersive democratic theatre

THE STATE OF THE UNION 2024 – the Democratic Odyssey Project – Badia Cloister of the European University Institute /Florence – May 23rd, 7:15 pm

The screenplay: Facing multiple storms, the EUROPEAN SHIP is in big trouble. When turning to the audience to come on board and help the crew to steady the ship. Europa’s friends, the MUSES arrive: TEPSICHORE, the muse of dance, EUTERPE, the muse o music, and URANIA, the muse of painting. They help the audience to turn into crew and inspire them to reflect on their own live experiences and thoughts, and to come up with proposals for how to solve the big question EUROPE faces:


The audience – participants share their solutions via a SLIDO poll: https://app.sli.do/event/ bWix9rkndG4TCKeBFSQarJ/live/ polls,

Subsequently they enact their ideas in the spaces guided by each of the three muses: by collectively painting, by expressive bodily interaction, and by jointly composing an innovative piece of music. Final point and culmination is a dance by Terpsicore that brings together the syenergies and expressions jointly created by the audience of this immersive moment of the Democratic Odyssey at play.

Thanks to the team Kalypso, Christian, Charles, Asya, Diana, David, Alessio, Adrien, Max and Uri!