In contemporary Europe, “Democratic Odyssey” is not an established term with a specific meaning. In our project we see it as a metaphor for the ongoing journey and challenges associated with the dynamic nature of democracy in the EU and the continuous efforts to strengthen citizen engagement and institutional renewal within the European Union.

  • Democratic Odyssey” symbolises the historical journeys as well as the ongoing struggles of European nations to establish and maintain stable and thriving democracies;
  • The European Union has its own “Democratic Odyssey” toward fostering democracy, transparency, and accountability within its institutions and promoting these principles throughout its member states.
  • “Democratic odyssey” represents the ongoing challenges of renewing the democratic commitments vis-à-vis rising threats to democracy, including populism, nationalism, and extremism.
  • Democratic odyssey” underscores the significance of efforts to engage the citizens in the transnational decision-making processes, bridge the gap between EU institutions and citizens, and ensure that EU policies reflect the will and interests of the people.
  • Overall, “democratic odyssey” reflects the dynamic and evolving nature of democracy in Europe and the collective commitment to democratic ideals.